Future Proof

About FutureProof

During the last decades colossal changes have radically changed the innovation environment and the business arena. Digitalization, sharing economy, automation, the rise of China, climate change are only few of the drivers that have created new risks, opportunities and challenges for both the SMEs and the innovation agencies. Nevertheless, SMEs and innovation agencies have done little to change their traditional modus operandi, thus facing serious difficulties to address current and future challenges. Innovation agencies for the last 3 decades are basically offering the same bouquet of services while the same applies for the available innovation SME support programs.

FutureProof is an EU funded project (under Horizon 2020) aiming to utilize strategic foresight methodologies for designing new services and/or programs that will respond to the future needs of our SME clients. --> Read more about FutureProof

An important part of FutureProof is the process of Horizon Scanning that is performed using the Gremlin crowdsourcing platform.

Horizon Scanning entails the gathering of information on emerging issues and trends across the policy spectrum in the political, economic, social, technological and environmental setting. It can be perceived as a kind of radar to systematically scan the world and signal the new, the unexpected, the major, and the minor.  -->Read more about Horizon Scanning