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Why Live Streaming Has a Future

These days, there are so many ways to spend a marketing budget. Two companies with the same budget could end up using their resources in completely different ways.
Did you know that, compared to reading a blog, around four in five people are more likely to watch a video? Every year, the amount of video content consumed increases, which has led to video and live streaming features from Facebook and many of the other major social media platforms.

  • Huge Audience — Firstly, with all the different live streaming ideas, brands have an opportunity to reach out to people that haven’t yet come across their name. Rather than hitting a set list of people with email marketing, live streaming can attract people you didn’t even know could be interested.
  • Rise of Smartphones — Secondly, we all know more people with a smartphone than people without, right? With smartphones so common these days, people can watch live streams whether they’re commuting to work, on their lunch break, waiting for an appointment, or even just on the sofa at home.
  • New Opportunities — Thirdly, as we’re going to see later, there are great ways to interact with an audience regardless of your niche. Don’t assume that live streaming isn’t an option for your industry or audience; you might be surprised.

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