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In a recent move,  Athletic footwear brands Adidas and Allbirds announced they have begun collaborating to produce a sneaker with the “lowest ever carbon footprint.” Allbirds and Adidas cite the issue of carbon emissions in their industry, which has hit around 700 million tons of CO2 per year. Even though the brands are typically competitors, they are teaming up to innovate new methods for manufacturing, product shipment and more to achieve this goal. The alliance marks the first time Adidas has ever collaborated with a non-Adidas-related footwear brand. 
In another case, two denim producers have collaborated to reduce water consumption.  All-American denim brand Levi Strauss & Co. is leading the way in water reduction practices used in the denim production process. The springboard for such initiatives comes from the brand’s open-source Water<Less program, which has also helped Levi’s save 3 billion liters of water in the final stage of denim production alone from 2011 to 2018. Levi’s doesn’t want these practices to remain a company secret: the brand invited 20 competitors to its Eureka Innovation Lab to share its water-saving practices, encouraging others to take up the water conservation mantle. Another denim producer, Volcom,  was heavily inspired by Levi’s Open Source: Water Innovation Guide, applying many of the conservation techniques shared in the guide to Volcom’s own practices. 

These alliances is a huge signal – not only for sustainable fashion labels, but for all purpose-driven businesses out there. It’s about brands putting aside their rivalries to work together and solve shared, major challenges – challenges that can’t possibly be solved by a single company, like sustainability.

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