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Drones: The Future Of Business?

Imagine a world where ordering a pizza resulted in a 20-minute delivery through your window ... by a flying robot.
In 2020, we’ve only seen a glimpse of what’s to come with drones in the business world. The sectors most impacted have been e-commerce, entertainment, real estate and technology. But as federal regulations continue to ease, drones will become a crucial component to most modern businesses.
Perhaps the most common commercial drone use to date is for high-tech photography and film. Drones are the independent filmmaker’s dream come true. They’re incredibly effective at capturing stunning overhead shots. Instead of having to pay tens of thousands of dollars on upscale film equipment intended for multi-million dollar movies, the average Joe can finally create films that capture the world from a new angle. Drones have also transformed the modern real estate agent into a part-time video editor. Now, they’re able to put together a short film of a feature house for sale that gives off a Cribs-like feeling. Selling homes has never been easier.


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