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Augmented Reality Advertisements (now in TikTok)

A somewhat under-the-radar post in Digiday outlined a new augmented reality format planned by the streaming network that will be tentatively called the "AR Brand Effect" ad. This will will allow TikTok users to add interactive visuals supplied by advertisers to their videos.

Now think about this for a moment - current audio or video ads are passive. Either something catches your interest or it doesn't, and most of us generally would rather quickly pass over an ad instead of consume one.

Imagine if the ad was interactive and required your participation to run. Wouldn't that be better for both you and the advertiser? You would be consuming something that you truly wanted and the advertiser would be sure it’s getting its money's worth. On the very lowest level, this is a win for everyone.

Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbyowsinski/2020/05/24/tiktoks-augmented-reality-ad-format-could-disrupt-several-industries-at-once/

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