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22 05 20 Facebookvr2

Virtual Reality to expand Work-From-Home

As workers try to get to grips with virtual meetings on Zoom, the social network’s VR arm is developing ways to bring the corporate desk into the spare room.

Facebook’s head of VR posted a teaser video on Twitter showing how an office desk could be projected in front of the user at home - complete with multiple PC screens - while they are strapped into a powerful Oculus Rift, Quest or Go headset.

The virtual workspace is part of Facebook's plans to create what it called “a super-powered augmented workspace with multiple customisable screens in VR, unbounded from the limits of physical monitors”. So while the wearer is looking at a digitally-project display, the world around them is real so a monitor can appear to sit on the worker’s home desk.

Facebook expects half of its staff to work remotely over the next five to 10 years.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/tech/oculus-rift-vr-headset-working-from-home-a4448401.html

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