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AI to augment Human Creativity

Machine and human collaboration produces exciting results—novel approaches and combinations that likely wouldn’t develop if either were working alone.  AI can be used as a tool to augment human creativity. 

For example, the creativity of AI is transforming the Food & Beverage industry. IntelligentX has the distinction of creating the world’s first beer that used AI algorithms and machine learning to help adjust its recipe. Data collected by customers is processed by an AI algorithm, and then the brewer decides whether or not to heed the algorithm's advice. Instead of replacing a brewmaster, AI gives insights to help the brewmaster be better equipped to make decisions based on customer feedback.

Human-machine collaboration is expected to completely change the way foods are developed as well. AI-generated foods can be based on formulas that are unique, that have never been generated before. To this end, AI utilizes contextual data from decades of market research and processes data on people’s preferences based on factors like their culture, location, and moods. This way, an AI system can design a shelf-ready product in a fraction as many iterations as a person could


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