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Sustainable branding for responsible consumers / Tables from Stockings

Stockholm-based sustainable tights brand Swedish Stockings partnered with designer Gustaf Westman to turn unwanted stockings into a range of tables. Each piece in the limited-edition range is made from between 80 to 350 pairs of tights received through Swedish Stockings’ Recycling Club – an initiative that encourages customers to donate used tights from any brand to be recycled into commercial water filtration systems. The tables, which have a marble-like finish and were released this quarter, come in five different variations with prices starting at EUR 490.
The initiative signals a consumer expectation that becomes strong. Enterprises are not just responsible for their product during production, sales, and after-sales. To sustainability-minded consumers, companies are also responsible for what happens when your products are discarded. 

Take this into account for innovation services or new initiatives required for SMEs
Swedish stocking:

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