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Chatbots for service provision

Ireland-based supermarket Lidl launched a WhatsApp chatbot to help customers find the best times to do their grocery shopping and avoid long lines. Customers can text the bot, which was announced this month, with the day of the week and time they plan to go to Lidl. Based on Lidl’s transaction numbers and real-time data, the bot then lets them know if this is typically a busy, average or quiet time at the store. 

Moreover, Lidl’s chatbot ties into a trend we call INFORMAL INFO. Lidl’s chatbot is among a growing number of innovations that let consumers text a brand — in the same way (and via the same platforms!) they would with their friends and families. Brands that embrace these fast and informal modes of communication make it easier for consumers to interact with them; and as a result, more likely to interact with them. That’s why organizations have turned to texting to dispense key information and services.

Source: https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2020/05/12/lidl-launches-whatsapp-chatbot-to-inform-customers-when-the-best-times-to-shop-are/?utm_campaign=Sophie%20IotD&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=88117116&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9IPIum9ZU2UXKUSpHDqCtaJih1B0IZ_5y0p8iDsJFy3rLmQaTGMNIHsOGDdCIVAnu2BIbHlQLTAWCy-KyRSprHoU6LWDeF19N7aJVwPi5QYfAJCNI&_hsmi=88117673

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