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Doughnut Economics for a Thriving 21st Century!?

Doughnut Economics are combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries, enabling to thrive in balance!
´...In the 20th century, there was for a very long time a tight relationship between a growing economy and full employment. Politicians still think they need growth to create jobs, but in fact it was passing dynamic. In many companies, an increasing amount of money created goes off to shareholders, while wages decrease.
...Countries like Zambia, Nepal or Bangladesh are desperate for growth to meet the people’s needs. They look at a country like the Netherlands or Belgium that live on astronomical incomes, and all they want is just to have more? This is evidence of the absurdity of the growth obsession: no matter how rich a country already is, the policymakers believe that the solution for every possible problem is still more growth. It’s nothing less than a sign of an addiction – a dangerous addiction. Because the social and ecological impact of a system that demands endless growth is, well, growing. It degenerates and runs down all the other parts of the system that make it possible to thrive in our personal lives. 
...Economics is a dynamic system that’s constantly evolving and so there are no laws, there’s only design. In the 21st century, this design should be regenerative, so that our material and energy use work within the cycles of the living world and within planetary boundaries. But it also needs to be distributive, so that the dynamics of the way markets behave don’t concentrate the value and returns in the hands of a 1-percent minority – which it’s currently doing – but distributes them effectively amongst the people...´


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